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About Us

Glasses Plug founded in 2021 by Eva, a wife and mama of two boys, who was struggling with increased migraines, seemingly caused by too much screen use (she would say living in a house full of boys was also a contributing factor!).

Having been told by a colleague about Blue Light glasses and how they could reduce the impact of screen use, she rushed off to buy a pair, which worked great - but were so cheaply made, they broke pretty quickly.

Long story short, this set Eva off on a mission to source low cost, but importantly high quality glasses that would not only work, but last!

After getting several requests from friends and family for the same, she started this website to sell those glasses and now a few other items that she has personally used and can recommend.

Each item on our website is carefully curated, hand-picked for quality and in some cases upgraded - to ensure each design is fit for purpose, but still won't break the bank either.

If you've made it this far, thanks so much for visiting our website - we hope you will find something you love.


Glasses Plug 


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